Vuvuzela Dance Remixes Vol 3 "kwaito"

Arthur — Vuvuzela Dance Remixes Vol. 3 — S’Bamu

Wow, here’s something special from South Africa’s kwaito superhero producer Arthur Mafokate. Founder of 999 Music and one of the key pillars of the whole movement, he was hugely successful and remains influential.

Rare and wonderful is a kwaito tape like this, with its perfectly balanced spectrum of sounds and emotions, combining instrumental and vocal versions of interesting songs. All the things most people love about kwaito—heaving bass-driven funk; catchy, slangy hooks; that not-so-subtle connection to international house music—are all here in large quantities.


Side 1

Vuvuzela (Club Mix)

S’Bamu (Maestro Mix)

Zaba Zoyi

Why Bazondana

Vuvuzela (Maestro Mix)


Side 2


Zoi Zoi

Vuvuzela (Afro Mix)


S’Bamu (Sci-Fi Mix)

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October 20, 2019 at 8:14 am

I want this album

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