karamoko Keita


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March 19, 2009 at 1:45 am

Man. This sounds right up my alley.
Thanks as always.

March 19, 2009 at 1:47 am


The Diama link just leads to your front page

March 19, 2009 at 2:29 am

the diama link is an html file

March 19, 2009 at 2:41 am

oops. fixed.

March 19, 2009 at 5:00 am

Goddamn, I know Karamoko! Good to see his music getting some love!

March 19, 2009 at 5:05 am

Hang on, I’m confusing him with Karamoko Kouyate from the Mail Rail Band. Sorry. Scratch that statement about knowing him. Still, good to see THIS music getting some love.

March 19, 2009 at 5:06 am

MALI Rail Band. Arrgh.

March 19, 2009 at 6:07 am

great, thanks a lot. and there is a video to Diama http://wrldsrv.blogspot.com/2008/10/local.html

March 19, 2009 at 5:00 pm


March 19, 2009 at 6:16 pm

Amazing as always!

March 19, 2009 at 8:11 pm

Apart from the video symbolkid mentions, I have also posted another cassette by this tragically underrated (but not in Mali!) artist (here).

(Love your blog, by the way!)

March 19, 2009 at 8:27 pm

And for those interested, and to give you an idea of Karamoko’s popularity, here is a cover of Karamoko’s “Labankassi”, recorded in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina), but by Malian artists from Segou.

March 21, 2009 at 4:19 am

Marvelous. The ‘legendary’ tag is certainly justified. Simply wonderful music.

Thank you so much for this terrific post.

March 21, 2009 at 5:57 am

Thanks for this, thanks for everything. Like they say about the Grateful Dead, you aren’t the best at what you do, you’re the only one who does what you do.

March 24, 2009 at 1:01 pm

ahh! none of the links work! i’m fiending!

March 25, 2009 at 3:03 am

just discovered your fantastic tapes. thanks a billion times over for sharing this great music!!!

Michel Lantersreply
March 25, 2009 at 4:22 pm

Thank You,

This sounds really good
Karamoko Keita creates a nice atmosphere

Great listening!

April 11, 2009 at 11:21 pm

Wow! Awesome work awesome tapes! Loving everything you’re posting. That Mande guitar shit is the shit for me…yes yes we love.

Excuse my ignorance but is it possible to download these to stick in my iTunes? I only seem to be able to stream them in quicktime…

Either way I’m happy just to hear the music! Keep it up! Thank you!

April 16, 2009 at 2:19 pm

Do you know the year the cassette was released? It’s totally awesome! Thanks!

April 16, 2009 at 5:06 pm

All tracks in one ZIP: http://www.mediafire.com/?ymqinjm1zmg

April 17, 2009 at 9:57 am

Respect for Mali

May 14, 2009 at 2:24 am

excellent. i want to take a trip to Mali now. anyone have any tips?

July 19, 2009 at 5:35 pm

Thank you! I love this one.

Dylan Ebdusreply
August 5, 2009 at 2:17 pm

Very Beautiful.
So sad, that i can’t understand any word at all.

December 4, 2009 at 7:06 pm

Musica stupenda! Grazie! Thanks.

July 8, 2010 at 6:37 am

I don’t have any expensive clothes to shill, but I did want to say that I listened to this a while back, and wanted to say thanks—it’s beautiful.

(P.S. UGG boots)

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