Mama Yergue Barry by Mama Yergué Barry

Mama Yergue Barry

Don’t fuck with a blind Fulani griot and his calabash. In addition to the crippling effects of this spider-like dextrous gourd snapping, this Mama Yergue Barry recording slaps the listen around with spare and fiery flute playing—some tastes and flavors espoused by the traditionally itinerant Peul people, the ones around the Fouta-Djalon region of Guinea. More on that huge musical topic here, thanks in part to the tireless work of Banning Eyre.


Face A
Djama Guinee Dyente Mama Barry
Attye Guere Ka Leydi Man
Ko Neebhwo Gidho Nafai
Petit Mamadou


Face B
Guinee Hassimiou
Menenga Eha
Wa Neene Alaa/Haaianan Ko Faaladha

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