I bought Megborna at a streetside shop on the corner of a big junction in southwestern Ghana (known as the Volta Region), near the border with Togo. The people here call themselves Anlo Ewe. As in most parts of southern Ghana, there are a lot of churches and church music groups around here. There are also a lot of fishing boats and seaside villages made of natural materials.

The Ewe language sounds particularly snappy to my ear. On this recording, the slow, polyrhythmic saunter of bells, handclaps, and choral harmonies echo the sounds of overnight village prayer meetings that would often keep me awake in Ghana.

Church-related music is some of the most exciting in Ghana, if you like powerful singing and mathematical drums. But watch out for the commercial gospel cassettes that crowd the markets and airwaves. Mainstream electronic gospel, often infused wit flaccid reggae grooves, would be of little interest to all but the most hardcore non-Ghanaian ear, unfortunately.

Luckily, locally-produced tapes (i.e. not big city productions made for the radio and high volume distribution) like Megborna contain much in the way of spirited jams for the adventurous listener.


 Yehowa Nye Kplolanye from the cassette, Anloga Special.


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January 31, 2010 at 7:07 pm

Даша Следопыт (часть 2) / Dora The Explorer
Даша Следопыт (часть 3) / Dora the Explorer
Даша Следопыт (часть 4) / Dora the Explorer
Искусство Падших / Fallen Art
Фантазия / Fantasia
В Поисках Немо / Finding Nemo
Драконы – Сага Огня и Льда / Dragons: Fire & Ice
Абрафакс – Под Пиратским Флагом / Die Abrafaxe – Unter schwarzer Flagge
Мыши-рокеры с Марса / Biker Mice From Mars
Гадкий Утёнок / ГАДКИЙ УТЕНОК
Упущенная Галактика / УПУЩЕННАЯ ГАЛАКТИКА
Гандахар / Gandahar
Федорино Горе
Гарфилд / Garfield
Стеклянная Гармоника / Стеклянная Гармоника
Астерикс – Астерикс из Галлии / Asterix le Gaulois
Мурлыка / Gay Purr-ee
Джимми Нейтрон / Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Игра Джери / Geri’s Game
Гисаку / Gisaku
Лило и Стич 2 – Сбой Стича / Lilo & Stitch 2 – Stitch Has A Glitch
Богиня / The GOD
Американская История 2 – Файвел Едет на Запад / American Tail: Fievel Goes West
Гуффи – Фильм Фильмов / An Extremеly Goofy Movie
Гуффи / A Goofy Movie
Суслик Обломался / Gopher Broke
Сердце зверя
Красная Шапочка + Гензель и Греттель / SimsalaGrimm: Rotkappchen, Hansel und Gretel
Делай Ноги / Happy Feet

November 30, 2016 at 12:14 pm

Hello friend, it would be possible to make it available again.

thank you!

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