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Néné Gale Bah “Lega” — Fewndaré

Guinean singer with Fulani/Peul background drops some popular science that swings and sways along just fine. The sessions were recorded at JBZ Recording, a well-known and long-standing Abidjan studio-to-the-stars from the surrounding region. It’s not my number 1 favorite tape ever but Néné Gale Bah aka “Lega” is a big deal and I am fascinated by pop music from Guinea. So that’s enough for me today.


Face A



Adouna ko doyi doyi

Tory E Nama

Kofinafakan (Live)


Face B

Mi Sousata



Mi Weitike

Hamid Konan

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March 4, 2015 at 11:09 pm

Want a release of this one

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